Wooden Bowls Are Ideal for Serving Children

Ever sit on a chair in the kitchen with a bowl on your head while your dad shaved around it? Maybe you’re not that old. Well, here’s a thought on bowls that doesn’t involve a back in the daily ritual that results in scary hair. Did you know that wooden bowls are ideal for serving children?

Wooden bowls don’t break. Wooden bowls don’t scratch. Wooden bowls are lighter than glass bowls. Wooden bowls can be safer than plastic. All aforementioned facts lead to the fact that wooden bowls are great for serving children.

Let’s face it, kids can be a little questionable with breakables, and we certainly don’t want any glass shards anywhere around our kids or their food. Additionally, we all like nice things, and it is hard to keep them nice when (let’s just call them smaller people) the smaller people in our house can be a little rough with our things.

Finally, and certainly, not of least importance, the word is that it can be dangerous to heat certain plastics in the microwave. The thought is that BPA and phthalates can leak into foods – mostly fatty foods such as cheeses and meats, and subsequently into our cells. We definitely don’t want any cancer-causing agents in our kids’ foods. The way to eliminate any concerns is to use wooden bowls.

Hey, by the way, here is a great wooden bowl adult tip too…You can rub a garlic clove around a wooden bowl before you toss your salad in it to infuse your salad with flavor!