Wearing an Apron Protects Your Clothes While You Cook

We cover our booboos with band aids and bandages to protect them from infection and further injury.
We cover up with rain gear and under umbrellas to protect ourselves from rain. We wear helmets to
protect our noggins when we participate in certain sports and activities that could be considered slightly
risky. Why on earth would be not wear an apron to protect our clothes while we cook in the kitchen or
After you have showered and dressed for your guests, and you are just finishing up those last touches on
dinner, an apron can protect your party clothes. When you get home after a hard day and start dinner,
an apron can protect your work clothes while you cook. Your favorite khaki shorts or swim trunks are
safe while you grill during an outdoor barbeque if you wear an apron. Even your messiest child can
protect his clothes while he “helps” bake cookies when he wears an apron.
Aprons can be fun too. They come in a variety of styles, colors and humorous sayings, like “Kiss the
Cook” or “Many Have Eaten and Few Have Died.” Aprons are also a great holiday gift or host/hostess
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