Tea/Herb Balls Are a Tea Drinker’s Best Friend

Mmmm, tea lovers will agree that there is nothing better than a warm cup of tea on a crisp or rainy day.
It’s like comfort food, your favorite blanket and cozy, fuzzy slippers all rolled up into one. And tea
aficionados will tell you that the best way to enjoy the freshest, most aromatic, potent taste is by placing
pure, loose tea into a tea infuser.
Tea balls can come in stainless steel or mesh. The best are crafted with the tiniest holes that keep even
the smallest bits of tea out, while allowing only great flavor to seep into your cup. They can also have
handy chains and hooks to hang on the edge of your pot or cup while you steep your delicious brew.
These nifty little strainers can also be used for mulling spices and seeping herbs to add the perfect kick
to cider or create a fragrant bouquet to make your home smell incredible.
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So, my friend, whatever your choice, kick back with green, black or herbal. It’s time for tea!