Now You’re Cookin’!

Learning to cook can be a fun experience. It can also save you money and make your family healthier
and happier. So, whatever your trepidations about cooking (I cooked once and it was terrible, no one in
my family is a good cook, I don’t know how…), put them aside.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go from heating up frozen pizza and boiling pasta to drying your own herbs,
making homemade breads and pastas, creating decadent sauces and building the perfect torte? It’s
great fun to decorate holiday cookies with your child, to bake a beautiful birthday cake for someone you
love, or throw an elegant dinner party for close friends. You can make it happen.
You need to start small and work your way up to chef status. First, you need to master the basics. Learn
how to use kitchen implements and appliances and how to cut vegetables and meats, etc. There are
some wonderfully helpful tutorials online that will teach you everything you want to know about
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