Never Burn a Meal Again with a Kitchen Timer

Here’s a burning question…have you ever burned a meal or part of your meal? It’s the worst! Maybe you had a dinner party and planned on serving tenderloin or a roast that came out overcooked and dry. Maybe you wanted to try a new recipe and you forgot the time. Bet your dinner was a disaster and you wasted money too. It could have been as simple as you were rushing to put dinner together and got busy helping your daughter with her homework. You guessed it. Dinner was botched again.

Don’t let this happen to you. Ensure that your meals are always expertly cooked…moist, tender and golden brown. All you need is a kitchen timer. That’s right! One simple, inexpensive kitchen tool can help you prepare your meals to perfection.

And if selection, price and quality are important to you, shop for your kitchen supplies at Discount Housewares – a favorite kitchen product supplier of gourmet chefs everywhere!

Go basic with a quality 60-minute kitchen timer from Sunbeam, or go modern with a 99-minute digital timer with a magnetic clip. You can even purchase timers that are made for specific foods, such as our three-minute egg timer, our pop-up turkey timer (that works for chicken too) or a pasta timer that floats in the pot with your pasta and changes color as your pasta cooks, so that you get flawlessly cooked lasagna noodles, spaghetti and angel hair pasta every time!

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