Why You Need a Good Knife

No, this is not a blog about murder…it’s more along the kitchen knife lines than the husband disappears type of knife story. Although (and I promise I have not given this thought until now even though drivers in Florida are horrendous and can be very rude) I am sure there are different types of knives for different types of murders as well.

Better get back to the business at hand ☺ A good knife, no matter what your kitchen chore, can help make your dish a better one…meats are more tender when sliced with a sharp knife, tomatoes are cleanly sliced instead of mushed by a dull or non-serrated knife, and every food preparation job is easier with the right knife.

Each kitchen knife has a different purpose, and a sharp chef knows that a properly stocked kitchen contains each of those knives. For instance, as mentioned above, razor sharp straight edge knives are optimal for slicing meat; and knives with serrated edges are useful for cutting soft products with hard crusts or tough skin, such as bread or tomatoes.

Another important knife in a well-stocked kitchen is a chef’s knife. It is thicker than carving and slicing knives and it has a broad blade that curves upward to rock for fine mincing. A chef’s knife is used for everything from chopping to slicing. Narrow boning knives are great for cutting through bone and cartilage on ribs or chops, whereas wider boning knives tend to be used for chicken or pork, and a good filet knife is sharp and flexible, making the deboning of any fish quick and easy.

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