Muffin Pans Work Perfectly for Mini Quiches

Some of the tastiest treats come out of muffin pans…blueberry muffins with crumbles on top, colorful cranberry muffins to make the holidays even more merry, warm banana nut muffins fresh out of the pan…mmmmm. There’s nothing better!

But wait, maybe there is! Did you know that muffin pans are perfect for making mini quiches?!!! They are, and what a perfect way to take your party spread up a notch, add panache to your Super Bowl chip table and bring the bam back to breakfast!

Imagine tiny, little spinach and brie bites, tomato and jack cheese that melts in your mouth and mushroom and cheddar to make it all better. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Any party guest will love them, you can appeal to all tastes, and they are just the right size for party noshing!

Now, on to breakfast…pack them full of all your favorite breakfast foods…sausage egg and cheese; ham, egg and cheese, western omelet ingredients and more! They are bite sized morsels of eggy goodness that will get you ready to start any day!

They can save precious time in the morning too. The kids can eat them while they wait for the bus or you can eat them in the car on your way to work. On your way to the gym? You can even make them low calorie with light cheese, egg whites and veggies.