Mastering the Kitchen with Dutch Ovens and Cast Iron Skillets

Dutch ovens date back hundreds of years, and they are still around for the same good reasons. The
Dutch oven will evenly distribute heat, making your menu items deliciously crispy on all sides. Dutch
ovens are thick-walled cooking pots with a tight-fitting lid. They are usually seasoned cast iron, but can
also come in lighter weight cast aluminum, ceramic or a variety of enameled metal. Their unique design
locks in flavor and moisture, and they are extremely versatile. They can be used on the stovetop for
browning meat, cooking vegetables or making stews, chili or soups. They can also be placed right in the
oven for roasting or to bake bread.

Another great kitchen tool that can be placed directly in the oven is the cast iron skillet. Cast iron skillets
are another extremely versatile cooking implement that dates back hundreds of years. Got anything you
want to start on the stovetop and finish off on the over? Go cast iron skillet! It’s inexpensive and
basically indestructible, and beautifully cooks everything from fried chicken, to biscuits, to a perfectly
seared steak!

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