Why Making Your Own Smoothies Is Better

Fast food smoothies are often loaded with added sweeteners and juice concentrates instead of real fruit or juice. But making your own nutrient-rich smoothies is a healthy alternative for so many reasons.

Homemade smoothies will help you meet your body’s daily nutritional needs and the healthy (and let’s not forget yummy) ingredients they can be made from – including fruits, superfoods and other beneficial herbs and spices – are practically limitless!

Homemade smoothies supply your body with the right fuel instead of that sugar high and crash of fast food smoothies. And they can help you lose weight by simply replacing one meal a day with a healthy smoothie. This healthy alternative is a serious craving crasher!

Smoothies are also great brain food. Say goodbye to brain fog because healthy smoothies can increase mental acuity, focus and memory. They can make your hair healthier and your skin glow. Indulging in healthy smoothies can also result in better sleep patterns, strengthen your immune system, build muscle, improve athletic ability and, if made with detoxifying ingredients such as kale or dandelion greens, they can improve your digestive system.

And let’s face it, they can be delicious! So, get into the habit of making your own healthy smoothies at home. It’s a smooth move!