Knives, Knives, Knives…You Need One, But There Are So Many

Okay, so you need a good knife, but there are so many different kinds of knives. How do you know which to choose? Here’s a quick, informative intro to some very useful knives that will help keep your kitchen a cut above…

When you watched “The Barefoot Contessa” the other day, she showed you how to properly cut a whole chicken so that it lays flat on the grill. To flawlessly repeat that process, you need a pairing/boning knife, which is used to cut through bone and cartilage. 

Those fancy food show hosts also know how to put an amazing chop on veggies and herbs. For that, you need a chef’s knife. A chef’s knife is thicker than a carving knife and it has a broad blade that curves upward to rock for fine mincing and chopping.

Another staple in any good kitchen is a knife with serrated edges. This is the tool you want for cutting soft veggies and fruits, or foodstuffs with hard crusts or tough skin, such as bread, sausage or tomatoes. 

Got a beef tenderloin you want to perfectly slice so that it stays juicy and tender? A carving knife is the solution. Carving knives are thin with long blades and pointed tips for clean cuts. 

Now let’s say you want to cut your chicken breasts into nice, little cubes to accompany pineapple cubes and cherry tomatoes on your pretty chicken teriyaki skewers. Straight edge knives, for cutting raw meat, are useful for making precise cuts and should be kept razor sharp for optimal performance. 

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