Why Keeping a First Aid Kit in the Kitchen Is a Good Idea

Have you ever seen that old Saturday Night Live spoof on Julia Child (all you young folks are saying, “Who?”), where she slices her finger and she keeps cooking while the blood spurts in true geyser fashion? It’s hilarious, but not so funny when you really do cut yourself during food preparation in the kitchen. That’s why it’s a great idea to keep a first aid kit handy in the kitchen.

While the kitchen is the place where we find great comfort, it is also home to a host of dangerous items. It’s actually very easy to harm yourself in the kitchen. It could be as simple as your knife slipping when you are cutting the plastic packaging off your cheese or misjudging when you are slicing and dicing a little too quickly…and paring knives can be as potentially dangerous as large chef knives.

Aside from huge knives with very sharp blades, there are dangerous heat sources. It sounds silly, but you can forget that a burner is still hot and touch it by mistake. Ordinary pot holders can slip. If you use a towel to remove a dish from the oven and it is damp, you can get burned. You can even burn yourself by simply lifting the lid on a pot full of steam.

Ah, but a first aid kit includes Band-Aids and bandages for anything from tiny cuts to something a bit scarier. There are alcohol pads to clean your wound and burn ointments to ease your pain. If you hurt yourself, you may not be thinking as clearly as you otherwise would, so having a first aid kit close at hand can be a very good thing.