stove covers

Keep Your Stove Looking Great with Burner Covers!

Stove burner covers are an excellent way to protect your stovetop and your family and keep your stovetop looking its best! Stove burner covers rest lightly on your stovetop without scratching and are designed for both electric and gas stoves and they are available in a variety of shapes, colors and patterns – which is a nice way to add decorative accents to your kitchen.

Choose from square, round or rectangular shapes, colors such as almond, black or white to match your kitchen or brighter colors to add a bit of pop! Stove burner covers come in a variety of designs as well – anything from country motifs, to wines and vines, to the rich look of marble or granite, flowers, fruits, funny fat chefs and more! There are also protector liner mats to catch drippings, protect your cooktop and make clean-up easy.

Stove covers also add an extra measure of safety. Hiding your cooking elements can discourage children, those with special needs or disoriented older people from stove usage. Also, they add an additional safety net in case your stove is ever accidentally turned on.

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