Keep Meat Moist with a BBQ Basting Mop

Ever wonder why those old roadside barbeque joints have the best barbeque around? It’s because they
mop their meats! Old school barbeque chefs even use real mops for basting. Today, you can buy a
miniature version of the tool – a barbeque mop with cotton fibers that allows you to effortlessly splash
your meat with ample amounts of mop sauce at one time.

Basting your meat with a barbeque mop will add flavor and retain moisture for juicier, more delicious
meats. Mopping combats drying, allowing you to slow roast for hours in a barbeque pit or cook low and
slow on an open flame.

You will find that a barbeque mop will also help you add tremendous flavor and spices in your recipes
will develop a better crust. Pitmasters swear by them. Barbeque competition competitors fear them.
Foodies cheer them!

Mops come in various styles today. You can opt for the tried and true traditional mop-like barbeque
mop or a silicone alternative that is less messy and easier to clean. Whatever you choose, mopping is
great for pork, ribs, chicken, turkey, beef brisket and more!

1A few words of advice….save your sweet sauces for slow cooking. Higher temperatures will burn them;
and keep your basting liquid heated to keep bacteria at bay and help maintain the temperature of your
meaty masterpiece.