The History of Waldo Farmer’s and Flea Market

A Flea market is typically very different from a farmer’s market. It’s a large, open air market where people come to buy and sell goods…mainly non-food items. Farmer’s markets sell fruits and vegetables, and sometimes eggs, baked goods, dairy products and more. Flea markets and Farmer’s markets are both great concepts, and when the two are combined… Pow! Zing!

Back in the day, way back in 1975 in fact, two fine folks – named Al and Anne Killian – where traveling cross-country when they came across a farmer’s and flea market. “Wow,” they thought, “What a great concept…a place where you can shop for bargains on merchandise as well as stock up on homegrown veggies and such!”

They thought it was such a terrific idea, that as soon as they returned home from their trip, they purchased 40 acres on Highway 301 in Waldo and began constructing several very large pole barns. As with Noah, people thought they might be crazy. Just a few months later, Waldo Farmer’s and Flea Market was born, and crazy became crazy good.

Then, in 1980, their daughter Sally and her husband Steve Blakewood purchased the flea and farmer’s market phenom. As if it weren’t already good enough, they expanded to 50 acres and added an antique mall! Today, this market – with over 900 dealers and 40,000 visitors on a single weekend – is still owned and operated by the Blakewoods.