The Growth of Flea Markets

Brimming with fresh produce, homemade jam, name-brand clothes and scads of other discounted treasures…is it any wonder flea markets have grown in popularity? While flea markets once sold a simple mix of collectibles and crafts, they now offer everything from jewelry, to perfume to housewares and more!

Since flea markets are known for their deals, flea market popularity has spiked during challenging economic times. Over the years, continued growth has triggered improvements such as improved parking, handicapped accessibility, ATMs and weekly attractions…all of which only continue to spur the growth of this delightful shopping alternative.

Today, a trip to the flea market – which encompasses strolling about to taste-test freshly baked pies and casually “window” shopping for the perfect trinket – might simply be a form of entertainment. Others visit regularly to stock up on produce for the week and other knicks and knacks along the way. There are others still who go with a specific purpose in mind – maybe they are on the hunt for an “As Seen on TV” household gadget or a pair of designer jeans. Then there are those who are a mix of all of the above.

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