Great Gizmos and Gadgets at Discount Housewares

Were you the type of kid who connected two empty cans together with a long line of string to make some walkie-talkies, or ordered a secret decoder ring from an ad in the back of a magazine? I’m probably telling on myself when it comes to my age, but you get the idea. It’s all about great gizmos and gadgets.

Discount Housewares is America’s leading supplier of products to ideally outfit your kitchen…products such as flatware, bakeware, pots and pans in all shapes and sizes and made from every material, cutting boards, cutlery, spices, decorations and so much more…but it also offers many very cool, unique gizmos and gadgets!

There are too many to name, but let’s wet your whistle. Love Chihuahuas? How about a ceramic one that holds your toothpicks or your favorite classic car wine bottle holder? There is a Joie Deviled Egg Maker for a devilishly clever way to make deviled eggs! Like half a grapefruit for breakfast, but wondering what to do with the other half? Get a grapefruit saver that is shaped like half a grapefruit for easy storage. 

There are herb savers, lemon/lime savers and veggie savers for almost any type of vegetable. There’s a GRIP-EZ Potato Piercer/Meat Tenderizer combo, a garlic stripper tube to effortlessly peel your cloves of garlic and Perfect Potato Feet prongs to stand up your potatoes for even, quick cooking. Looking for summer fun? Try ice pop molds or an ice ball tray. Get the Pig-Out Car Go Container, a travel bowl that looks like a piggy and fits in the cup holder of your car.

There are toaster tongs, egg yolk separators that fit onto almost any bowl, a Smashy Egg Press for a smashing way to make egg salad, beverage can caps to keep your soda fresh and bee-free, as well as bottle pump and pours to keep your fizz. Do you like to bake? There are dog bone shaped cookie cutters, cake and pie dividers for perfect slices, cupcake corers and so much more! Do your part to save the environment with reusable silicone straws, complete with cleaning brushes. Tired of buying coffee filters? Get a three-year coffee filter. There is even a coffee filter separator. People think of everything!