Get Your BBQ On!

With Independence Day celebrations just around the corner, tis the season to get your barbecue on; and Discount Housewares has everything you need!

When it comes to grilling, it’s fun to go old school with a cotton fiber barbecue mop that enables you to effortlessly splash your barbecue items of choice with ample amounts of sumptuous sauce. Or opt for a heat resistant silicone basting brush with easy clean-up. There are meat thermometers for acquiring just the right grilling temperatures, kabob baskets, skewers and grilling utensil sets including long-handled spatulas, forks, tongs and brushes.

Discount Housewares also has everything to make your party perfect. Choose from food tents; plastic condiment bottles for ketchup, mustard and barbeque sauce; traditional red checkered plastic table cloths to give any outdoor event that flawless barbecue flair; disposable tin pans in every size and style so you don’t have to spend too much time on clean-up detail; and plastic storage containers to transport your scrumptious salads, mouthwatering main courses and delicious desserts. There are collapsible carriers for added convenience, portable plastic serving trays, corn holders and plastic hors d’oeuvres forks. Discount Housewares even has “bear paws,” an innovating shredding tool for the perfect pulled pork, and EZ Legs and Wings for moist chicken on the grill without turning or burning!

Discount Housewares is on fire when it comes to grilling tools and an entire host of other culinary supplies. We also smoke the competition when it comes to price, so fire up that grill, break out those burgers and crack a beer. It’s time to “que” it up!