Get Picnic Items at Discount Housewares

Shopping at Discount Housewares, America’s leading kitchen supply wholesaler for over 20 years, is a
picnic! In fact, you can get all of your picnic items at any of our four convenient locations: Red Barn Flea
Market in Bradenton, Renninger’s Flea Market in Mt. Dora, Waldo’s Farmers and Flea Market in Waldo
and The Market of Marion in Belleview.

Aside from the best deals on high quality kitchen supplies, Discount Housewares has just about
everything under the sun you could need for a picnic. Choose from food tents; plastic condiment bottles
for ketchup, mustard and barbeque sauce; traditional red checkered plastic table cloths to give any
outdoor event that picnic party feel; disposable tin pans in every size and style; and plastic storage
containers to transport your scrumptious salads, mouthwatering main courses and delicious desserts.

There are collapsible carriers for convenience, portable plastic serving trays and even plastic hors
d’oeuvres forks for skewering your delectable deviled eggs!

If you plan to grill at your picnic, Discount Housewares offers a wide array of grilling products as
well….everything from disposable hot dog grill toppers for easy clean-up; to kabob baskets and skewers.
Then it gets corny…corn holders, corn grilling baskets and butter basters. There are a whole host of
grilling implements too, including spatulas, barbeque forks, basting mops and more. We even have
“bear paws,” an innovating shredding tool for the perfect pulled pork, or try EZ Legs and Wings for moist
chicken on the grill without turning or burning!
It’s summer, and picnic season is full swing. Don’t miss out on your chance for the perfect picnic, and
don’t forget to check out Discount Housewares!