Espresso Can Be Made Easily Right in Your Kitchen

Wow your dinner guests by topping off your meal with the culinary creativity only espresso can add, add some zing to your otherwise humdrum breakfast or indulge in a mid-day treat with a rich, potent espresso boost. That’s right, espresso can be easily made right in your kitchen, and, if you are an espresso fan, it is hard to deny yourself all the benefits of espresso at home!

Aside from that nice little lift you get, espresso can offer an array of health benefits. Espresso actually enhances memory. A University of California neuroscientist discovered that two shots of espresso enhanced memory consolidation and subsequently improved long-term memory.  Espresso can increase your attention. The caffeine in espresso was found to create a neuro-chemical reaction that reduced the symptoms of fatigue in the short-term.  Due to its antioxidant properties, in the right quantities espresso can reduce the risk of stroke and type two diabetes. You may also want to add it to your weight loss regiment because it is low in calories and can reduce perceived muscle stress during exercise. And, of course, it is a delicious addition on any day!

Espresso is not just a luxury that you can only experience in your favorite Italian restaurant, fancy sidewalk café or pricey coffee shop. Espresso can be easily made right in your kitchen. Espresso machines simply help you to “pull a shot” of between one and two ounces of hot, pressurized water through a bed of finely ground espresso. The result is a foamy creamy head over the perfect shot and a house filled with the savory fragrance of espresso.

There are a variety of espresso makers, including those that make only one shot – for the one espresso lover in your home – and those that make several – which are absolutely perfect for entertaining. Shop for your espresso pot at Discount Housewares today!