Dressing Maker: Make Fresh Salad Dressing

Have you ever had home-made lemon vinaigrette dressing? It’s to die for, and all it is is red wine
vinegar, olive oil, minced garlic, Dijon mustard and a little bit of lemon juice, salt, pepper and oregano!
Or maybe you are more of a creamy garlic salad dressing person? That fabulous dressing is just made
from sour cream, mayonnaise, milk, finely chopped green onion and garlic, and a little sugar, salt and
pepper. Easy…see!

The right tools for creative salad and salad dressing making can make the process even more fun, and
Discount Housewares has everything you need to make that happen! Choose from a salad dressing
stirrer with five delicious dressing recipes, an easy pour spout and tightly sealed stopper; a dressing
cruet for healthy portion control; salad dressing bottle with a mixer/spinner, a salad saver for storage; a
collapsible salad spinner for optimal tossing; salad servers; salad tongs; cutting boards; peelers;
choppers; dicers; salad bowls; beautiful serving dishes; and so much more!

Making your own salad dressing is not only simple, it is inexpensive and can be healthier than store-
bought dressing, depending on the ingredients you choose. Summer is the perfect time to make fresh,
delicious salad dressing for nice, light seasonal salads. Don’t miss out! Visit Discount Housewares in any
of our four convenient locations…at the Red Barn Flea Market in Bradenton, Renninger’s Flea Market in
Mt. Dora, Waldo’s Farmers’ and Flea Market in Waldo or The Market of Marion in Belleview. Discount
Housewares has been providing high quality, affordable kitchen supplies for over 20 years.