You Don’t Have to Be a Gourmet Chef to Make Professional Looking Cakes

Whether your tastes lean toward light lemon chiffon, angel food, sponge and red velvet cakes or more decadent black forest cake with rich chocolate layers sandwiched between fresh whipped cream and cherries, tiramisu with its delicate ladyfingers dipped in coffee and interspersed with layers of a mouthwatering mascarpone and cocoa mixture, even elegant petit fours and exquisite masterpieces dripping with fruity concoctions or perfectly piqued icing…you don’t have to be a professional gourmet chef to make cakes with professional appeal. You only need the right baking implements and accessories from Discount Housewares!

Discount Housewares provides everything you need to make your baking experience a cake walk. We have cardboard cake boards, icing spatulas, cake dividers, carriers and decorating tools/sets. There are decorating pens for gorgeous plate presentations, sprinklers for even dusting, wire care slicers for perfectly beautiful slices, tart tampers, every type of baking pan and serving the dish you can imagine, and so much more!

Discount Housewares has been affordably meeting the needs of brilliant bakers for over 20 years, but cooks of every type can have their cake and eat it too at Discount Housewares. Bakeware at Discount Housewares is just icing on the cake. Discount Housewares also offers everything from cookware, to electric appliances, the latest kitchen innovations, spices and flavorings, cutting boards made from virtually any material, cast iron products, beautifully decorative ceramics, and so much more! Browse through our enormous inventory at one of four convenient locations: Red Barn Flea Market in Bradenton, Renninger’s Flea Market in Mt. Dora, Waldo’s Farmers and Flea Market or The Market of Marion in Belleview.