Discount Housewares Makes the Cut!

There is almost nothing better than a quality sharp knife in the kitchen, and Discount Housewares has plenty! Using a quality sharp knife can provide thinner, more accurate cuts, and actually make your slices of meat more tender. It will easily slice through fruits and vegetables, creating more beautiful salad and appetizer presentations; and a quality sharp knife will make your job in the kitchen – whatever it may be on any certain day – easier.

Chefs who are a cut above have a well-stocked kitchen with an array of knives – each for its own specific tasks. There are chef’s knives with broad blades that curve upward to rock for fine mincing. Chef’s knives are used for everything from chopping to slicing. Carving knives are thinner than chef’s knives, with long blades and pointed tips for clean cuts. Straight edge knives for cutting raw meat, are useful for making precise cuts, and should be kept razor sharp for optimal performance. Knives with serrated edges are useful for cutting soft products with hard crusts or tough skin, such as bread, sausage or tomatoes. A cleaver uses its weight to cut through tough food with a chopping motion. Pairing/boning knives are used to remove meat from bones and for other detained cutting jobs. Narrow boning knives are used for cutting through bone and cartilage on ribs or chops. Wide boning knives are used for chicken or pork.

No matter how you slice it, Discount Housewares – providing professional grade, affordable kitchen supplies for over 20 years – has quality sharp knives to meet all of your culinary needs. Aside from cutlery that is a little slice of heaven, Discount Housewares also offers everything from a wide array of cast iron kitchen products, to cutting boards made from every material and in every shape and size, to bountiful bakeware, cookware of all types, spices and flavorings, the latest cool kitchen gadgets and appliances, beautiful decorative ceramics, and so much more! Browse through our enormous inventory at one of four convenient locations: Red Barn Flea Market in Bradenton, Renninger’s Flea Market in Mt. Dora, Waldo’s Farmer’s and Flea Market in Waldo or The Market of Marion in Belleview.