Discount Housewares for “Eggcellent” Kitchen Supplies!

People rely on “eggcellent” cooking products from Discount Housewares for so many reasons. Is breakfast your favorite meal? “Eggsecute it perfectly with a Bacon & Egg Ease Cooker for breakfast sandwiches or breakfast for one; a four-egg or floating silicon egg poacher, various sized and shaped egg rings or the cute and coveted Egghead Omelet Pan for deliciously dished up eggs.

Prefer lunch…maybe egg salad? Set the perfect “eggsample” for hardboiled eggs with an egg piercer, which will protect your shells from cracking and yolks from turning green when boiling; or choose from a wide array of egg slicers for egg slices, wedges or halves to make your salad “eggsactly” the way you like it! There are color changing egg timers, porcelain egg cup sets, egg cases for optimal egg storage, egg separators, Joie’s Big Boiley for microwave egg boiling and so much more!

Come to Discount Housewares, and we will meet your needs for preparing eggs in every manner you might “eggspect,” as well as anything else you desire for your kitchen. Discount Housewares, America’s leading supplier of kitchen supplies, is a good egg when it comes to “ineggspensive,” quality kitchen products. Feel free to visit one of our four convenient locations and we will scramble up some really great deals for you!

Discount Housewares can be found in Bradenton, Florida at the Red Barn Flea Market, in Mt. Dora, Florida at Renninger’s Flea Market, in Belleview, Florida at The Market of Marion and in Waldo, Florida at Waldo’s Farmer’s and Flea Market.