Create Beautiful Fruit Platters with an All-In-One Melon Scooper

Here’s the scoop…If you want to wow your guests and put smiles on your family’s face, gorgeous fruit platters will do it. And they are easy to prepare – just as the best chefs would – if you have the right tool. All you need to create beautiful fruit platters is an all-in-one melon scooper from Discount Housewares! The Melon Pro is a unique three-in-one kitchen implement that will remove your melon rind, and then slice or ball your melon, for a stunning presentation. Use it for cantaloupe, watermelon…any fruit that scoops!

Aside from the Melon Pro, your shopping experience at Discount Housewares can be very fruitful. We have pineapple corers, squirtless grapefruit knives, citrus juicers, a grip-easy watermelon cutter (that is adorably colored just like a watermelon), The Amazing Mr. Skinner Citrus Peeler for easy peeling of lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruit.

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