Crab Hammers Can Be a Wonderful Tool for Seafood

Ever avoid eating delicious crabs just because it seems like too much work to get all of that crabby goodness out of the shell? Well, here’s a wonderful way to address your avoidance issues…crab hammers can crack harder shells without damaging delicate meat inside – making crab eating a breeze! Every good chef will tell you that a well-stocked kitchen is not without a crab hammer.

Crab hammers have cracked the best crabs throughout the country – West Coast Dungeness crabs, East Coast blue claw crabs, Florida stone claws, and even lobsters and other shellfish! Here’s how it works, simply gently tap your hammer on the shell and increase the force until the shell is cracked. That’s all there is to it!

And if you purchase your crab hammer from a reputable kitchen supplier such as Discount Housewares, your crab hammer will come with raised scores for easier cracking and less shell fragments; and a blade to that is good for splitting scored shells and opening shrimp for easy cleaning and deveining. Discount Housewares’ crab hammers are FDA-approved, dishwasher safe and heat safe up to 190 degrees.

Discount Housewares has been providing high quality, affordable kitchen supplies for over 20 years. So, put the hammer down and come visit Discount Housewares at one of our convenient flea market locations: The Red Barn Flea Market in Bradenton, Renninger’s Flea Market in Mt. Dora, Waldo’s Farmers and Flea Market in Waldo or The Market of Marion in Belleview.