Cooking Rice: The Basics

Many of our favorite pastimes and most desirable dishes are riddled with rice. If you are a football fan, there was Jerry Rice. There are rice cakes. There is rice pudding and rice for sushi. We like spicy, red Spanish rice with our enchiladas and sticky rice with our general chow’s chicken. We stuff our peppers with hamburger, rice and spaghetti sauce, and we drown it with chili. Rice is a big part of American culture, so it is important to at least know the basics for cooking it.

It’s simple. For fluffy, white stove top rice, use one and three-quarter cups of water for every cup of rice. Pour water and one teaspoon of salt into your pot, and bring it to a boil. Add rice, cover tightly and turn your high heat down to low. Simmer for 18 minutes. Remove your pot from the heat, and let it rest for five minutes. Fluff with a fork, and all that is left to do is enjoy!

Rice cooking is as versatile as rice uses. You can also make the perfect sticky rice in a rice cooker or cook your rice in a slow cooker or even the microwave!

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