Citrus Juicers Can Produce Fresh Squeezed Juice in Seconds!

Want the freshest orange juice you can get with the most nutritional content possible. Try juicing! Juicing is really not as hard as you might think. You only have to peel the fruits or vegetables with hard skin and pit those with hard seeds or pits. With oranges, it’s best to leave that white part under the skin intact because it is full of nutrients and antioxidants. Orange seeds are soft enough to send right through the juicer, so all you have to do is peel them. That’s all there is to it. The juicer does the rest. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Want the juicy details on different types of juicers? There are basically three main types. The centrifugal juicer spins the juice out of produce and is great for produce with higher liquid content, such as citrus fruits. This type of juicer is the most common, inexpensive and easy to clean. A masticating juicer is good for fruits and vegetables with lower liquid concentration, such as carrots; and a wheatgrass juicer is used for herbs and leafy vegetables. With any juicer, you just insert the fruit and hit the button. The juice will be extracted within seconds!

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