Butter Warmers Are Elegant and Useful at the Dinner Table

There is almost nothing better in this world than melted butter. Big, luscious bites of lobster, crab, shrimp, and scallops are even more extravagantly delicious when they are dripping with butter.

Ok, now wipe your chin so we can continue. Bread is also better with melted buttery goodness. Who wants to place a cold, hard piece of butter on their bread? Nobody! You only end of ruining your bread in the process, and it simply isn’t as delightful as a fresh, warm piece of bread dripping with ooey, gooey butter.

An easy and elegant way to introduce melted butter into the picture is with butter warmers. Want to add a little panache to your dinner party? Place butter warmers on your table. If you want your dinner table to reflect style and practicality, butter warmers are the ticket. Take your dinner parties up a notch. Butter warmers are an excellent way to serve melted butter, as well as delicate sauces.

Butter warmers are sophisticated looking and their heat source is simply a lit votive candle. They can come in ceramic, stainless steel and a variety of styles and colors to complement your dinnerware. An added bonus is that butter warmers help to avoid curdling and scorching.

So stop in any one of Discount Housewares’ convenient locations and make it better with butter!