Bring a Dutch Oven on Your Next Camping Trip for Stews, Soups and More!

Ever wish you had some delicious grub while you are sitting around the fire at your campsite? Thinking maybe a smoky stew or savory soup might take the chill off?  Well, you can do exactly that! Just bring along your Dutch oven the next time you go camping to enjoy incredible meats, desserts, even bread! Make chili, pot roast, veggies and more!

A Dutch oven can be used on any stovetop and offers a wide range of cooking temperatures and methods. You can simmer things in it, fry things in it or bake in it. Almost any cooking task can be completed in a Dutch oven. That’s why it is the ultimate tool for camping.

If you want your campsite to smell like beef stew and cornbread when you walk up after a long hike, or you just want to the make other campers jealous for miles around, consider adding a Dutch oven to your list of essential items to pack for camp!

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