bottle cleaner

A Bottle Brush Is Great for Cleaning Jars and so much more!

This sound familiar…you wash a bottle with hard to reach sides and bottom, and it’s not clean the first time, so you soak it in warm water and soap for hours? The second time you wash it, it still has residue clinging to the sides and bottom. You could wash that same bottle several more times, but if you don’t have the help of a bottle brush, you will most likely be stuck with your icky dishes.

Bottle brushes are specially shaped to get at those hard to reach crevices in small or odd shaped items. They are great for cleaning bottles of course, but also vases, pitchers, stemware, jars, baby bottles and other delicate containers as well.

There are bottle brushes with extra soft bristles for more fragile items, bottle brushes with easy grip, non-slip handles, even skinnier and smaller bottle brushes for items such as water bottle straws and baby bottle nipples!

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