Biggest Flea Market in the United States

Size does matter when it comes to the Brimfield Show, which is the largest and oldest outdoor antique and collectible show in America. Held since 1959 in Brimfield, Massachusetts, the Brimfield Flea Market is comprised of 23 fields running about a mile long down each side of Route 20 and extending back a few hundred yards on each side!

An easy one-hour drive west of Boston, the town of Brimfield is a quaint, rural town full of apple orchards, horse farms and the Berkshire Foothills; and three times a year its population explodes from 3,000 to over 250,000 visitors and more than 5,000 dealers!

It’s usually held around Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day; runs Tuesday through Sunday, from sunup to sundown; and offers an unparalleled diverse range of antiques, collectibles, food courts, “yard junk” and more. Known as the Outdoor Antiques Capital of the World, the Brimfield Flea Market provides carnival-like vibes that draw people from all over the world, from regular Joes to the rich and famous.

Here are some helpful facts about the Brimfield Show…It’s a rain or shine event, the fields are contiguous – making it an easy walk through, and most shows are free. Parking is reasonably priced all over town. You can find ATMs in town, and some dealers will even accept credit cards for your convenience. Tuesday through Friday are the best days to shop, but Sunday the pickings can get slim since many dealers begin to pack up and head home. For large purchases, most fields offer porters for a nominal fee, and police patrols keep everyone safe throughout the week.