5 Qt Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Best Pots for Making Soup

Chicken soup always made you feel better when you were sick, and even if it didn’t help, it certainly
didn’t hurt. The same is true of a good soup pot. A good soup pot will better help you prepare delicious
soups, and you will feel good about it while you are doing it! Any chef worth his salt will tell you that
there is a specific tool for every task in the kitchen, and without those, you could well be on your way to
a delicacy disaster.

What should you look for in a good soup pot?
When choosing the right soup pot, it is important to consider size. Soup pots can vary from 4 to 20
quarts. What you choose will depend on the amount of food you are normally required to make. Most
find 12 quarts extremely versatile – also great for cooking tomato sauce, chili, pasta and corn. A thick,
heavy bottom to prevent burning is also imperative in a good soup pot. Handles should be thick or flat
and extend far enough for an easy grip. Well-made soup pots transfer heat evenly across the bottom, so
food can cook correctly. Every metal conducts heat differently and offers its own set of advantages. For
example, aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat; cast iron is heavier, but known for its durability
and it can be healthier that other cooking materials; and stainless may be a poor conductor of heat, but
lighter pots heat up faster. Your choice really depends on your preference.

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Let there be soup!