The Benefits of Marinating Your Meats before Grilling

Marinating your meat before grilling can make it tastier, more tender, juicier and healthier! In fact, in as
little as 30 minutes, you can lock in delicious flavor with a marinade!

Grilling is also a very healthy, low fat way to cook. Add marinating to that and you increase the health
benefits ten-fold! Marinating your beef, fish or poultry before grilling can actually reduce carcinogens by
as much as 99%! Carcinogens can produced when meats are cooked at high temperatures – as with
grilling, and marinades act as a barrier against this heat.

Rosemary also acts as a great cancer deterrent, so if rosemary is part of your marinade recipe, you can
add even more health benefits to the list! Acidic marinades are also beneficial because they can actually
slow the growth of harmful bacteria. Acids, such as vinegar and citruses, tenderize meats and make
them easier to digest.

Marinating also helps to lock moisture within meats. One of the best ways to do this is with olive oil
because olive oil contains emulsifiers which penetrate meat more easily. Olive oil also tastes great and
prevents sticking to the grill.

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