Peelers Are Not Just for Potatoes!

Everyone uses their potato peeler for potatoes, but there are so many more uses for them! You can also use your potato peeler to peel other vegetables such as carrots, and fruits including apples, pears, mangos, kiwis and more.

There are, however, some even more unique uses for a potato peeler. Ever been without a Phillips head screwdriver when you need one? Believe it or not, a potato peeler is an excellent substitute for a Phillips head screwdriver when you are in a bind.

Then there are times when your butter is rock hard. You don’t want to maul your bread by trying to spread awkward hunks of butter on top. Use a potato peeler to peel perfectly thin slices of butter off the top of your stick. These will lie nicely on your bread!

Want to remove the information from your prescription bottles? That’s right! Use a potato peeler! You can also use it to grate cheese or chocolate, hull strawberries or seed a jalapeno pepper!

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